Offre d'emploi :


Our client is Špoljar Transport which was bought by Charles André Group in 2018.

It is a leading Croatian company which specializes in vehicle transport, general cargo & storage. The company, created in 1978, grow-up by constant trend of growing and development and today it employs more than 156 well educated employees who contribute to its strength and quality.

Company transport passenger and commercial vehicles, trucks, high and heavy vehicles and cargo on domestic and international market.

The annual turnover for 2018 is based on:
- Transport of passenger and commercial vehicles, trucks, high and heavy vehicles
- Storage and vehicle preparations
- Truck workshop

The quality of transport is achieved by a modern rolling stock of more than 100 trucks which meet up to high ecological standards. Inspired by the 'all in one place' idea Špoljar transport provide their clients with forwarding services, covered customs storage of vehicles and P.D.I. center services.


The candidate will report directly to the General Manager Automotive Logistics Division and his/her first target will be to put a new and better organisation of the company, achieved volume and profit through implementation of company strategy. He/she will need to coordinate all field staff operations to ensure achievement of different KPIs. Our candidate will manage a team of 156 people (93 drivers, 39 operators and 24 administrations staffs).


- Proposes the objectives / budgets of its subsidiary or subsidiaries in line with the Group's projections
- Manages its subsidiary or subsidiaries in a daily effort to achieve the expected profitability objectives
- Impulse, implements and follows the necessary corrective action plans
- Supervise the optimization of material human resources
- Is the guarantor of the permanent search for productivity by ensuring in particular the cost control
- Is the guarantor of the reporting (system called QUICK ) and the reliability of the elements contained

- Defines and sets up an organization that optimizes the skills of all its employees
- Animate his teams on a daily basis
- Manage teams and effectively delegate to service managers and control delegated missions
- Recruit collaborators (or supervise recruitment) and ensure the proper integration of new recruits
- Participates in developing the skills of its employees and promotes their evolution
- Federates, animates and motivates his collaborators in a team spirit
- Presides, animates the representative bodies of the personnel and controls the good exercise of their missions
- Is the guarantor of the good climate of the company and puts corrective actions if necessary
- Use his disciplinary power in accordance with the policy sought
- Conducts interviews of its management team and ensures the good performance and the good quality of evaluation of its staff and a training plan in line with the needs
- Ensures the involvement of his N-1 in the management
- Ensures social cohesion
- Ensures the respect of social obligations
- Organize and lead the NAO
- Completes requests for salary adjustments in accordance with the group's social policy
- Ensures effective listening and communication at the company level and with other companies in the group
- Participates in the consolidation of feedback from its teams and their transmission to other managers

- Proposes and implements, in collaboration with the General Management, the commercial strategy within its subsidiary (s)
- Manages and ensures the commercial development of the existing customer portfolio
- Develop new customers and new markets by prospecting locally or in collaboration with managers large accounts.
- Is in permanent relationship with key account managers to monitor the quality of services
- Ensures customer satisfaction and reinforcement of the brand image of its subsidiary (s) and Division
- Constantly ensures the development of the turnover and profitability of its subsidiary (s) by optimizing the human resources and materials available to him
- Work in synergy with other subsidiary directors to provide logistics and transportation solutions overall
- Ensures the relevance of the tariff offers in relation to the market and in compliance with profitability objectives
- Offers global and / or innovative solutions
- Valorises services with customers to develop the brand image of the subsidiary and the Group
- Promotes all Group services according to opportunities
- Is constantly watching over its market and competitive positions at both national and regional level
- Is the guarantor of the quality of the answers made in call for tender
- Check the regular revaluation of the rates and the implementation of indexing with the customers
- Offers development opportunities for management (new locations, new acquisitions ...)

- Is the guarantor of the animation and the respect of the procedures QHSE group within its subsidiary
- Ensures compliance with regulations (CSR, social regulations, traffic laws ...)
- Ensures the maintenance and development of certifications with the organizations and customers concerned
- Manage crisis situations and make useful decisions
- Makes decisions and implements them to ensure the continued respect of the safety of people and property
- Is the privileged interlocutor of inspection bodies (labor inspectorate, Urssaf, DREAL, DGCCRF ...)


A logistic & transport professional, with strong experienced in transport of vehicles, with positive experience in a similar position.

Professional Requirements:

- Further education of University or engineer school, Master or Degree, ideally in Transport & Logistics.
- Significant experience of minimum 10 years in Manager positions in transport/logistics/multimodal company in Croatia and/or Europe.
- Strong Management experience.
- Fluent business English and Croatian will be required as management's day-to-day working language. French will be a big plus.

Personal Requirements:

- Dynamic, positive, initiative-taking.
- Flexible, open-minded.
- Coaching skills, Diplomacy with which to convey opinions.
- Business oriented, feel for customers, availability, involvement, reactivity.
- A feel not only for service, but also for profitability.
- Ability to make presence felt, to listen and to reflect.
- Pragmatic creativity, resisting pressure well.
- Rigorous, well-organised.
- Corporate and team values.
- Capacity to work in an emergency.

Travelling required (approx. 20% of working time).

Informations :

Ref: 19516

Secteur : Transports-Logistique-Messagerie Express

Lieu : CROATIE Pojatno, 30 km from Zagreb